Nanoneedling Services

Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, nanoneedling creates tiny channels in the epidermis that promote the growth of collagen. This encourages your skin to tighten, firm, even out and even can soften acne scars & cellulite! Add a serum to your treatment for an added boost to your treatment! This service is suggested at every 3-6 weeks and results are best in a series of 3-5 sessions. This session takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour and has minimal down time. Post session redness is common and normally subsides within 24 hours.

Hair Growth Treatment- Two Time Cancer SURVIVOR

This client has kicked cancer's butt TWICE and now has thin hair. We are working on a series of treatments every 12-14 days until she sees the results she is happy with. These results are before her first treatment and 12 days after that first treatment. We will keep these pictures updated regularly.

Hair Growth Treatment Male Pattern Baldness

This client has had hair loss on the crown and back of the head for some time. With a 12 session Hair Growth Treatment, he has started seeing hair growth in just the first 24 days! Each session is 12 days apart, treatment time is roughly 45 mins and there is NO DOWN TIME! Hair loss is natural but not a life sentence! This service can also be applied to the brows or beard area! These photos reflect this clients first service prior to treatment and his third treatment 24 days later! A quarter of the way through his treatment package and he is LOVING his results!

Deep Exfoliation Facial

Eye Area Nanoneedling for undereye bags & wrinkling