PCOS Chin Wax

Never pay to get your chin waxed again. Experience our free PCOS Chin wax any day of the week and never pay for it! 

Brow Wax

The eyes are one of the first noticed parts of the body. Keep your eyebrows in shape with a regular brow wax! This also pairs well with a brow lamination and tint! 

Nostril Wax

If you suffer from extreme congestion and allergy issues all the time, you should give nostril waxing a try! Forget having to trim your nose hair and having hair itch while it grows back! This treatment is suggested once monthly!

Ear Wax

Ear hair happens to the best of us, but you don't have to worry about plucking those long ear hairs! With this quick wax treatment, you can walk around with no worries that your ear hairs are the center of attention! This treatment is great as a quick add-on service with any of our other wonderful services, but also can be booked separately. This treatment is the perfect lunchtime appointment and you only need to come in once every 3-4 weeks!

Leg Wax

Ask anyone, shaving your legs is obnoxious, monotonous, and just a pain in the butt. Get your legs baby butt smooth by booking a lower leg, upper leg, or full leg wax today!

Underarm Wax

Back Wax

Stomach Wax